CryoSkin (Slimming and Toning)

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Freeze fat gone! Cryo Slimming. Tighten and tone skin. Pain Relief Therapy.

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Common Questions: These are the same for CryoSkin and Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Lift

Q Are there any side affects:
There are few. Sometimes localized redness that disappears after a few hours at longest. Sometimes some delayed onset muscle soreness that rarely exceeds 2 to 3 hours. There may also be some itching without consequences and often due to the reactions of certain cosmetic products used by clients. This is why you are NOT to use lotions or self tanning or use anything before coming to do the treatment because some products can crystallize to the cold and cause discomfort. If this is noticed again on a second treatment after advising the first time you may be denied future services as this is an issue for the wand. No make up on face toning. It is also normal after Slimming sessions for clients to experience increased urination and/or change in urine color or smell. That Is the lymphatic process that is occurring. 

  •  There is also some contraindications that is listed on the waiver You are signing so please pay attention to them. These are really important:

There are few contraindications for this treatment. But we must still be vigilant about some pathologies: Severe Raynaud’s syndrome, Severe allergy to cold, and Progressive Diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, neuropathy), Clients with irremovable body piercings in the treatment area, and Clients with implants in the treatment area are contraindicated for all CryoSkin sessions. Pregnancy/Breastfeeding is contraindicated for all sessions except the Facial Toning (Absolutely NO body sessions). For Slimming sessions specifically: Active Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Lymphatic Disorders, Severe Kidney and Liver Disease, Uncontrolled Diabetes and Diabetes-related complications.

Must respect the waiting period if the client uses Botox or fillers. Botox: minimum one month. Fillers: minimum three months. Cool sculpting clients must wait one month to do CryoSkin.

Q When can I start my first session:
Waiting period if one waxed or did laser : It’s best to wait 1 week after these treatments to make sure the treated areas are fully healed and bodily fluid won’t get on the wand.

Any microneedling/IPL/Chemi al Peels/Dermabrasion- Must wait 72 hours before doing CryoSkin

Q How safe and effective is this:
No side effects on 100 people tested and over 300 machines in France. CryoSkin was established in France and has now made it to the States for the past 5 years. I did do my extensive research prior to considering to offer this service at EDFC. Those of you that know me well know that I am very thorough and look into things. This DOES WORK.
However, don’t just take my word for it. You should Google everything and feel confident about any services you receive. 

Q Is it permanent:
The fat loss on slimming is permanent just as it is with liposuction without the invasive surgery not to mention the after pain of surgery for CryoSkin. Cryotherapy reduces the localization of fat. Toning sessions are semi permanent. Depending on age, if you workout and eat well you can maintain alot of the results. This is no different than if you workout and get an amazing shape and then stop working out, the body is going to change. Its just science. Its the evolution of aging. We can only try to preserve youth as long as we can but inevitably we must all age. Sad, I know. I am there with ya! 

Q How long are sessions:
Slimming sessions are generally around 50 mins. Toning sessions are 45 mins. Facial sessions are 25 mins. Vacuum Therapy 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This really depends on the person. For example, for a client that measures less than 35″ around the stomach, we would consider the front abdomen + the love handles to be one area. However, for a client that measures more than 35″, just the abdomen would count as their one area. For Toning, the effectiveness is enhanced when a relatively localized area is being targeted. For example, if a client comes in for toning on their thighs, (i.e. Inner, Front, Outer, Sides or Back/Butt) these are all considered one area each but for both legs/sides.

Some More Info For You:

Infrared Sauna – you can not do before but can do after a toning session. Slimming session wait 4 days after. This is great to assist in the lymphatic drainage and also fat loss. EDFC has an infrared sauna. This also detoxes the skin, helps heal faster if you have any injuries not to mention burn up to 600 calories in a 30 minute booked session.
Drink 1 1/2 liters of water. Working out of course is always a benefit to anything.

Benefit to Face Tone & Cellulite:

The treatment is more temporary for Face Lifts. Just as is botox and fillers. Nothing is permanent. The cold creates constriction then dilation in the treated area. This increases the production of collagen which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines / wrinkles. The treatment also closes the pores and increases the elasticity of the skin which gives you the “Cryoskin glow”. However the aging process continues unfortunately so the effect is not permanent.

How is this effective for cellulite? This treatment causes vasoconstriction then vasodilation in the blood cells. This increases blood flow which results in increased collagen and elastin production. Collagen helps to breakdown cellulite. 

Q Does it hurt? You did Cool Sculpting and it was painful?:
A You will be happy to know this is nothing like cool sculpting. No pinching and no hurting. It is VERY cold and might take a minute to adjust to. This is also why the contraindication of allergies to cold. No, you can not have a heated blanket. No you can not cover in blankets. The whole point of this is to freeze the cells. If you are keeping your body warm during sessions then you will not get to the needed cold temperature during sessions and it will not be as effective. Yes, you can wear a light sweater. You will however adjust rather quickly and everyone I have done has said it feels good and relaxing. Vacuum therapy is similar to cupping and there may be minimal discomfort depending on ones tolerance to discomfort.
Just the same you can not work out before doing CryoSkin at least 2 hours before. 

Before/Aftercare for Slimming: (CryoSkin)
* For best results following a cry session, do not eat sugar 2-4 hours before and 2 hours after the session.

* If possible, avoid all kinds of sugar for 4-5 hours before and after the cryo session. 2 hours is recommended at minimum for best results. 

* This applies to all kinds of sugars (pasta, rice, bread, cereals) and of course simple starches and sugars. 

* The cold weakens and retracts the adipocyte (fat storage cell). Consuming sugar will return immediate energy to these cells, so the apoptosis (cell death) effect will be less efficient and can even be

* The lymphatic system takes 2 weeks  to complete an entire cycle. Results will improve over the 2 weeks following the session. Additional slimming sessions can be completed 2 weeks after a treatment. 

* Avoid exercise directly before a session. It will be harder to cool the body down and complete the slimming effectively. 

* For best results, maintain the best possible diet and lifestyle to accompany the treatment. 

* Maximize results by the use of an infrared sauna 72 hours after treatment up until the day before the next treatment. 

* Drink 1 1/2 liters of water daily while in the slimming treatment. 

* Incorporate working out into your lifestyle. 

* How is slimming effective for permanent fat loss? The heat bring the fat cells to the surface at a certain temperature. The cold at a certain temperature right after destroys the fat cells permanently, this iis called apoptosis.

Evette is available for Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training and can book you for the Infrared Sauna for the appropriate regimen to compliment your slimming treatment. 
Once desired look is achieved, Evette can advise on maintaining via CryoSkin maintenance. See instagram for current photos of clients before/after. See Vacuum Therapy tab for pictures of results.

Freeze the fat away PERMANENTLY and or Tone up that skin, CELLULITE be gone!